166 182 210 Full Automatic Pv Bussing Machine Solar Cell Strings Welding Machine



Solar strings welding bussing machine is used to weld bus bars; Solar cell string bussing machine has received good reviews from customers.

166 182 210 Full Automatic Pv Bussing Machine Solar Cell Strings Welding Machine

Machine Function

Adopt the method of separating the cell string from the glass, and grab the cell string in the air, then to interconnected solder the head, middle and tail bus bar of the middle wire edition module at a certain height; It has the function of a roll feeding bus bar, bending U and L leads upwards.

Technical Parameter



Cell specification

166/9BB main busbar distance 16.79mm(other cell is optional, which can be upgraded upon payment.)

Module specification

6 strings*10pcs half cell*2   

6 strings*12pcs half cell*2

cell distance-0.5--4mm, string distance 1-6mm.

Glass specification

width 980-1400 *length 1630-2500


20S(exchange cycle of the transmission glass is 4.5s/module, thickness of the bus bar 0.35mm)

Soldering method


Fragment rate

0.2 (as per pcs)



Flow rate

2 m³/min

Main pipe specifications

outer diameter φ16 (2 pieces)


Three-phase five-wire 380V/220V




Peak 30KW, average 20KW


4805×4620 (including two pipelines)×2260mm

Detail picture

PV Cell String Interconnection

Automatic Bussing Station

Solar Cell String Bussing Machine

Solar Strings Welding Bussing Machine

Automatic Ribbon Interconnection

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