Online Automatic Solar Module EL Defect Tester with Visual Inspecting Function



Automatic Solar module EL defect tester of solar module making machines is used to test the solar cell crack,breakage, black spot,mixed wafers,process defect,cold solder Joint phenomenon.

Online Automatic Solar Module EL Defect Tester with Visual Inspecting Function

Machine Function

Used in testing the solar module Crack,breakage, Black Spot,Mixed Wafers,Process Defect,Cold Solder Joint phenomenon

Technical Parameter

Equipment performance



Testing cycle (s)


Testing range (mm)

Conventional modules, double-glazed modules, film-mounted modules and halved modules.

156 polycrystalline/monocrystalline 72-cell module: 1,956 * 992 * 40 mm (46 mm)

60-cell module: 1,650 * 992 * 40 mm (35 mm)

Universal for before and after the layer

Feeding method

Feeding by the long edge, conveying by the belt, adjustable conveying spacing.

Testing method

Upward perpendicular projection of four cameras and imaging by three movements of the modules.

Human-machine interface

Testing mode: For normal testing on the production line, as well as for monitoring and volume production statistics.

Assembly line mode: For transmission on the assembly line, without EL testing.

Commissioning mode: Individual control for each module of the equipment for commissioning and maintenance


EL tester

1)    Automatic module barcode recognition  

2)    Monocrystalline auxiliary diagnosis 

3)    MES interfacing     

4)    Query    

5)    Other functions

Image storage

Save the EL pictures in the name of the module barcode and upload to MES system

Detail picture

Automatic Solar Module EL Defect Tester

Automatic EL Tester

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