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Ooitech, a Professional solar energy solutions provider, has more than 15 years of experience in renewable energy and industrial laser application.


As a global leading provider for turn-key PV module manufacturing plant and smart energy solution, Ooitech offers the One-Stop service for M2-M12 (156-210) solar panel manufacturing plant.


We have export our machines to Poland, Korea, Mexico, Hungary, India, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc country.


We supply 5MW-500MW solar panel production including solar cell tabber stringer, solar panel layup machine, solar string bussing machine, solar panel tapping machine, solar panel laminator, solar panel framing machine, EL tester, IV tester, full automatic conveyor plant, and PV energy inverters, solar plant, etc.


Cooperate with Ooitech, build a beautiful future!


We raise you up, to more than you can be!

New Solar Cell cutting machine

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